Owning a dog is a long commitment, but how the time flies! One minute they’re racing around with boundless energy making mischief, then so quickly they seem to become young adult dogs, companionable and confident.

At Fish4Dogs® we understand the needs of your dog at every stage of life, and we believe a lifetime diet of Fish4Dogs Finest Complete Salmon, with fish as the only animal protein, will give your dog everything they need to develop, grow, and mature with maximum health benefits.

Puppy Love

Welcoming a new puppy into the family is an exciting time for everyone, and there is so much to learn! What type of toys and accessories do they need? Where do they sleep? How do you train them to fit into your lifestyle, and importantly how do you feed your puppy to give them the best nutritional start in life?

Puppies require higher levels of premium quality protein than adult dogs to optimise muscle development and immunity. The right balance of amino fatty acids, calcium and digestible carbohydrates are also crucial for maximizing health during this life stage. Fish4Dogs recommend a simple, healthy diet of Finest Puppy Salmon Food. It is nutritionally complete and full of marine-sourced omega 3 to aid puppy growth, by supporting growing muscle, joints, skin, coat, eye, and cognitive development.

Bringing a puppy home into its new environment, it’s not unusual for the stress and upheaval of new family life to cause a puppy to have an upset stomach. As Fish4Dogs Finest Complete Puppy Food is grain-free and made with limited ingredients, plus no chicken, lamb, beef, or pork (proteins often responsible for causing intolerances in many dogs), it’s perfect for puppies with sensitive digestion, and available in two kibble sizes, there is a bite size for every breed. We recommend feeding your puppy its daily food allowance in 3 to 4 meals throughout the day, as it makes it easier for your puppy to digest and helps keep energy levels consistent. Click here to access our online feeding guidelines for your puppy’s age and weight.

All Grown Up

Dependent on your dog’s size, they transition to adulthood at different times, between 9 months and 2 years.

Large breed dogs like Huskies and Vizslas are not classed as adults until around 2 years, medium breeds such as Springer Spaniels and Cockapoos reach adulthood at around 12 to 18 months, whilst for toy breeds, like Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers, this can be as soon as 9 months.

On reaching adulthood, it’s important to move your dog onto Finest Adult Salmon Complete, as the additional protein and fat content needed during growth are no longer required, so they can begin to store some of the surplus energy from the diet as body fat.

Our adult salmon food contains the optimum balance of nutrients, and omega 3 to sustain your dog’s joint, heart, digestive, and skin and coat health.

When transitioning you dog from Finest Puppy Salmon Complete to Adult Salmon, we recommend gradually introducing it to your dog’s puppy food over a few days. Use the image below as a guide and click here to access our feeding guidehttps://www.fish4dogs.com/feeding-guide.

The Senior Years

Signs your dog is reaching their senior years usually appear at around 8 years old. There can be many behavioural indications such as be becoming more affectionate, a little grumpier or more anxious. More obvious signs can be physical such as issues with digestive health or decreasing mobility, possibly caused by joint pain. Reduced activity and mobility can then lead to your senior dog gaining additional pounds which can create other health problems.

Switching to Fish4Dogs Senior Salmon Complete at this development stage is recommended, and you can use the same transition method detailed above.

With 18% lower fat than our adult salmon variety this can support weight management. The senior recipe also contains pre-biotics to support gut health.

The omega 3 in our foods can be particularly beneficial at this life stage, as it is proven to be effective at reducing joint inflammation and reducing painful symptoms of conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

So, whatever their stage in life, we believe fish is ‘the perfect protein’ for helping your dog develop, learn, grow, and mature. Contact our Customer Service team directly on 01299 252352 for help with choosing a diet to suit your dog’s specific age, breed, and weight.