Dogs and humans alike, we all love a delicious ‘treat’, and like people, most canines have that magic word firmly in their vocabulary, along with ‘walkies’!

Even armed with the knowledge that too much of a good thing can be bad for us, it’s still often hard to say ‘no’ to those extra tasty calories.

Thankfully, in today’s dog treat market, similarly to food, owners are becoming much more conscious of making healthier treat choices for their pets. The media and popular television programmes are helping us understand about the effects of weight gain on a pet’s long-term health, and the important role appropriate treating can play, not only in training but also in effective weight management and keeping your dog happy and healthy.

But how do we decide which treats are suitable for what type of reward? Are you training your dog or puppy and need a treat that’s attention grabbing and low in calories to enable frequent rewards? Maybe you want a treat with additional benefits to supplement their diet or support dental health, or just maybe you simply want a tasty, healthy treat to let them know they are a ‘good boy!’

Fish4Dogs® have the answer to helping dog owners decide, launching its #TreatSmart campaign this month.

Simple, Natural and Tasty

All Fish4Dogs treats are grain free and contain no poultry or meat, helpful for dogs with intolerances. The brand champions fish as the ‘perfect protein’, known for containing beneficial omega 3 and being wonderfully aromatic and irresistible for dogs. All treats are made from healthy, natural, minimal ingredients with no hidden extras.

A great dane eating next to a box of fish4dogs treats

Treating Smarter

Fish4Dogs have over 20 types of dog treats in four brand categories, ‘SUPPORT+’, ‘LOVE’, ‘DENTAL’ and ‘TRAINING’, to help you chose their rewards.

SUPPORT+ is a range of treats and supplements for dogs and puppies that not only taste great, but they also include selected additions to support health considerations such as coat and skin condition and joint health.

The DENTAL range, including the multi-award winning, original, and highly successful Sea Jerky on which the business was first established. Delicious, 100% white fish skin treats that are naturally abrasive in texture, which can help with tartar on teeth and substantially support a dog’s dental health.

In the TRAINING range there are treats for puppies and adults designed to be stimulating and rewarding when working with your dog. Size, smell, and calories were considered when designing these treats, so treats in this range can be used many times during a training session.

LOVE is the range name for luxury Fish4Dogs treats designed to help you show your dog how much you adore them. This range offers unique variety, including crunchy biscuit-style fish treats, a variety of tasty fish wraps and the more unusual, but equally delicious, dried squid discs.

Treat and Repeat

Fish4Dogs treats range from £3.50 to £5.50 per bag. If your dog will do anything for the taste of Fish4Dogs, why not try their subscription box? Each month a new box is launched, in which you will receive a minimum of 5 different bags of treats, one from each of the sub-ranges: DENTAL, LOVE, TRAINING and SUPPORT+. The subscription box gives you a great opportunity to save, not only is it cheaper than buying all the treats individually, but you automatically get an extra 10% off with your subscription discount!

Set your delivery frequency between 2 weeks and 12 weeks, with the option to skip a delivery or cancel up to 24 hours before despatch, so you’ll never run out or order too much.

To find out more about Fish4Dogs treat products or buy online visit our shop here . Also available in all good independent pet stores. Click here to find your nearest stockist.