Our Breeder Ambassadors are a hand-picked group of truly dedicated breeders, who embody everything a Fish4Dogs Breeder should be.

The ethics behind our customers’ breeding regime is hugely important to us and working with fish-feeding champions such as the Breeder Ambassadors gives us access to a wealth of breeding experience as well as a whole host of fun and puppy pictures!

Rebecca Walters of Northnewyyd Sproodles and Tima Lund of Folkvang Working Cockers are two such Ambassadors and here’s just some of the things they had to tell us in a recent get together session.

Tima Lund of Folkvang Working Cockers“Helping new or novice breeders gives me so much pleasure” Tima explains “My friends call me the midwoof because I’m always on hand to dish out advice or practical assistance when a new litter of puppies is being born.”

Rebecca Walters of Northnewyyd Sproodles

“For me, it’s about matching a puppy to their perfect home, happy in the knowledge that I’ve done all the groundwork to ensure that puppy is going on to thrive in their new life” Rebecca tells us.

Both ladies are huge advocates of the Fish4Dogs Breeder Club and say “The Fish4Dogs Breeder Club Scheme works so well for us. Our dogs are so happy and healthy and the puppies do so well through the weaning period. The free puppy packs are the perfect way to offer our new puppy owners the best chance at settling their puppy into a routine with their new family and all of the information inside the pack helps to explain all the benefits in the most clear way possible”.


Are you a Fish4Dogs Breeder Club member? We've set up a new Facebook group especially for you, our wonderful breeder community. Head over to the group and join in the conversation.