Introducing Mel and Barney

Tell us about yourself and your role at Fish4Dogs?

I started working for Fish4Dogs in 2010 and joined the company on an internship in the Customer Service team. 7 years later I am still here, and I now manage the Supply Chain side of the business.

It has been really exciting to be part of a company that has grown so quickly in so many areas, and I too have benefitted from the growth in my own personal development. I am lucky I can take Barney to work with me every day at Fish4Dogs, he has been coming since he was a puppy and he treats it like a second home here.

What are the best things about Barney?

My top 5 favourite things about Barney are:

Cute – Barney was the cutest puppy when I first got him, and nothing has changed since!
Loyal – Barney is a very loyal dog, and never too far from my side.
White socks – Barney is mainly apricot in colour, but has 4 little white paws that I call his white socks.
Chilled – Barney’s temperament is very chilled, he spends most of the day and evening snoozing.
Fluffy – Barney has the warmest coat and doubles up as a hot water bottle in the winter!

Your experience of owning a dog

Barney is the first dog I have owned, and he is certainly an important member of our family, and sometimes thinks he’s the most important!

He made us laugh a lot when he was a puppy, he used to have a mischievous side to him and would love to pinch things out of bags and run back to his bed with them. I remember he actually pinched my Manager’s ham sandwich out of her handbag when he was a few months old and although he didn’t eat it, I don’t think she appreciated the teeth marks he left in the bread!

Since then, he has mellowed into a chilled out pooch who likes nothing more than to sleep all day, with the occasional Fish4Dogs treat when he’s been a good boy

Do you have any puppy training hints and tips?

Barney was a quick learner as a puppy, and was always trying to please – I think that’s the toy poodle in him. I took him to puppy training classes from an early age and it was great to socialise him with other dogs, and it taught me some great techniques to train him – they often say the classes are to train the owner not the dog!

My top tip would be not to feed your dog from your plate of food, as I never did this with Barney and he has never begged me for food when I’m eating.

If you were a dog, what breed would you be and why?

If I were a dog, my friends have told me I’d be a Labrador because I’m friendly and loyal…. I’ll take that and go with a Labrador!