Introducing Annabel and Nemo

Tell us about yourself and your role at Fish4Dogs?

I joined Fish4Dogs last October, and I’m still fairly new. I work in the Technical Team which covers a wide range of things, from nutrition and safety, to developing new products. Nemo loves coming to work with me every day, especially when we are testing new treats!

What are the best things about Nemo?

He’s very smart and has buckets of character. Though I got him when he was nearly an adult, he has learnt so many tricks and loves to show them all off to anyone with a treat. He has a very clear opinions, and isn’t afraid to voice them!

Your experience of owning a dog

I’ve had dogs for most of my life, and I can’t imagine not having one! They are always important members of the family, and no one truly minds taking them out in the pouring rain, or leaving the room for 2 seconds to find out that they have eaten most of your dinner.

Do you have any puppy training hints and tips?

Puppy training classes are really helpful. Even if you have had dogs before, they are a great place for your puppy to meet other puppies their age so that they can learn how to interact with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

It took Nemo a while to realise that everything from a French Bulldog to a Great Dane was a dog that would play with him, if he was polite, and training classes really helped him with this.

Patience is also really important when training. Both Nemo and I can get frustrated if we don’t quite understand what the other is asking for, so we always try to keep things fun and stop before we get frustrated.

If you were a dog, what breed would you be and why?

I think I would be a Saint Bernard as I am quite calm and patient, and I love snow!