Introducing Frankie and Rolo

Tell us about yourself and your role at Fish4Dogs?

I first came to Fish4Dogs when I graduated from University. I started as a Customer Service Intern, I quickly moved on to be a Customer Service Advisor and then on to be a Customer Service Team Leader. I have now worked for Fish4Dogs just under 6 years and the business has grown rapidly since I first started. It has been valuable to gain experience of the business growing as well as me personally.

Rolo has been coming to work with me for the last two years and he is now in to a good routine with going for walks with some of the other office dogs. It has been really nice to talk to our customers about Rolo and we find that we quite often have lots in common.

Your experience of owning a dog

I’ve always grown up with having a family dog so I’m very used to having a dog around the house. However I didn’t realise how weak Rolo’s bladder would be when he came to me at 8 weeks old.

We had several accidents but we learnt very quickly to take him outside every half an hour. We even set an alarm to make sure we didn’t have to many accidents.

What are the best things about Rolo?

My top 5 favourite things about Rolo are;

Waggy tail – always happy to see me
Perfect nap partner - loves lying with me
Active – I love the way he runs
Happy – he is such a happy dog who just loves playing
Face - cute face

Do you have any puppy training hints and tips?

Get your puppy used to being off the lead in a safe and secure area as young as possible. Call your dog’s name and get him/her used to recall and give lots of praise. It is helpful to start this as young as possible to avoid your dog running away from you when they become distracted.

Don’t feed your dog any bits of food whilst you are eating. I only ever fed Rolo at his meal times and he doesn’t get any food from my own plate. As I have always done this, I haven’t ever had a problem with Rolo begging for food or stealing food.

Try to get your puppy into a routine as soon as possible. Feed at the same time every day, walk at the same time and put your puppy at the same time every day. Your puppy will very quickly know when is expected of them.

If you were a dog, what breed would you be and why?

I have no idea what dog I would be – hopefully one that was well looked after. However, I have been told that I would make a good Afghan Hound as I have long thick hair that takes up a lot of my time!