Did you know that two of the many benefits of feeding fish to dogs is it’s proven positive effects on skin and coat health, and brain development?

Fish and Skin and Coat Health

One of the most common causes of poor skin and coat condition in dogs are reactions to the food they eat.

At Fish4Dogs®, we believe fish is the ‘perfect protein’ for your canine companion and has many advantages over feeding meat or poultry proteins, due to the high presence of omega 3.

As experts in a canine diet of fish, our highly trained customer service team respond to enquiries every day from concerned dog owners who have been recommended Fish4Dogs Finest Complete Food by veterinary professionals and fellow dog owners as a potential solution to their pet’s poor skin and coat health.

‘One of the most rewarding parts of working at Fish4Dogs is some of the amazing compliments from customers on how our food and oil has helped their dogs coat, skin and general health condition.’ Says Frankie Reece, Fish4Dogs Customer Service Manager.

dogs with fish4dogs food and salmon oil

Not only do our customers call and write to us, but we also use a leading verified review tool which enables us to get feedback from genuine satisfied customers, like this one:

‘I was told by my vet that your dog food would be a food to put my dog on as she suffered from allergies - itching, biting, and licking. Since she has been on your food, which is just over a year now, she has no more allergies. She's a lovely little dog and she loves every little bit of it …. I would recommend your food’. Anon.

And here’s a review left by a customer only yesterday’ she added:

‘The salmon oil seems to be having a brilliant effect on our 6-year-old lab.  He's suddenly more bouncy and his coat really shines.  Feel guilty that he was missing out on this before!’ Mrs Kim K.

You too can access or live review link to see what our customers think here!

The Science Bit

Skin irritation and inflammation in dogs can often be caused by a surplus of omega 6 fatty acids in the body, which are found in vegetable oils and chicken fat.  Too many of these omega 6 fats in the diet can put the body in a “state of alert”, causing it to overreact to small disturbances, triggering the dog to itch, scratch, lick, and nibble at their skin to try and alleviate the discomfort. Omega 3 can counteract the effects of omega 6 putting the body back into balance with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Omega 6, from chicken and vegetable oil is extremely cost effective, so many standard commercial diets have a high ratio of omega 6 content compared to omega 3.  Feeding a high-quality fish-based food or supplementing with a small quantity of pure fish oil, such as Fish4Dogs Norwegian Salmon Oil is the most effective way of achieving the correct ratio.

Fish4Dogs Finest Complete Food is a premium, highly palatable, natural, and nutritionally balanced food made from limited ingredients. It is grain-free, healthy, and made without chicken, lamb, beef or pork, proteins often responsible for causing intolerances in some dogs.

Another helpful benefit of fish is that fish oils hydrate the skin. Fish oils promote the production of sebum, an oily waxy substance that can help lubricate. With increased levels of sebum, the skin becomes supple and hydrated to give a little extra relief to any skin complaint.  The dog’s hair is coated with a protective oily layer, giving the coat a beautiful shine.

Start them young! Fish and brain development in puppies

Have you ever thought about how feeding the pregnant mother and weaning her puppies can affect not only their physical growth, but their brain development too?

Naturally occurring omega oils from the fish in our Finest Complete Puppy Food aids not only coat condition but also eye health and cognitive function, giving them the best possible start in life. We also chose potato and sweet potato as the carbohydrate sources in our recipe giving the food a lower glycemic index and keeping your puppies fuller for longer so that puppies are happy, energetic and can learn to the best of their ability.

If you are a Breeder and would like to learn more about feeding Fish4Dogs, we offer expert advice and special discounts via our Breeder Scheme.

If you have a young puppy, or a dog who’s coat lacks lustre, or seems to have skin irritations, we believe fish is ‘the perfect protein’ for helping your dog shine bright. Contact our Customer Service team directly on 01299 252352 for help with choosing a diet to suit your dog’s specific age, breed, and weight.