In today's dog treat market, owners are becoming more conscious of making healthier treat choices for their pets.

For those of our customers who feed their dogs a raw diet, we understand that finding treats to complement this careful feeding regime can be challenging.

As a dog food brand, we at Fish4Dogs actively collect verified online reviews of our products. Interestingly, we are finding that many raw feeders choose our Love or Training treats or complete food kibble for convenient, high-value treating solutions that align with their feeding principles.

All of our Fish4Dogs food and treats are grain-free, made from healthy, natural, minimal ingredients with no hidden extras. We proudly promote fish as the 'perfect protein', which is known for containing beneficial omega 3 and being wonderfully aromatic and irresistible for dogs.

We've had raw feeding customers, like Richard W, who commented;

'Always excellent products. I raw feed my dog but choose Fish4Dogs products for all treats. Calamari put into a Kong toy lasts her ages!'

Our multi-award winning, original, and highly successful Fish4Dogs DENTAL Sea Jerky - the product on which our business was first established - is one of the most popular amongst raw feeders. These are delicious, 100% white fish skin treats that are naturally abrasive in texture, which can help with tartar on teeth and substantially support a dog’s dental health.

We also receive feedback from dog owners with a preference for raw feeding for other occasions.

Julie P wrote to us;

‘Fish4Dogs is always excellent food. I generally raw feed, but the only non-raw food I feed is Fish4Dogs on the days I’ve forgotten to take food out of the freezer’.

Some of our customers with a preference for raw feeding have mentioned that they use our Fish4Dogs Complete Food when they are on holiday with their dogs or if they are left with dog sitters and raw feeding is impractical.

In some cases, a dog may not suit a raw diet due to intolerances to poultry or meat. Often, we have found that consumers with a preference for raw feeding discover Fish4Dogs because our complete food aligns more closely with their feeding ethos than other brands.

Denise H, another of our 13,000 verified reviewers, commented;

‘our Parsons Russell Terrier loves this food. She used to be on a raw diet but developed a sensitive stomach, so we had to move her to a fish-based one. She took to it straight away’.

For more information about our Fish4Dogs food or treats check out our online store or your local independent pet shop.