Did you know that salmon is the most popular fish consumed by people in the UK?

With the NHS recommending humans eat two portions of fish per week, including one oily fish,(i) such as salmon, due to its high levels of vitamins and minerals and naturally occurring omega 3 to support our health, could salmon have health benefits for our dogs too?

Yes, it can! Oily fish, like salmon, has huge benefits for our canine companions, such as supporting the heart, joints, skin, and coat.

Skin and Coat Support

One of the most common causes of poor skin and coat condition in dogs is reactions to the food they eat.

More and more dog owners report skin and coat issues to their vets each year, and often after extensive, distressing, and expensive testing, it is frequently discovered that such conditions are caused by cheap ingredients in the dogs’ diet. When keeping a dog’s skin and coat healthy, many owners turn to a limited ingredient, grain-free, fish-only protein-based diet, naturally rich in omega 3, like Fish4Dogs Finest Complete.

Five star review for Fish4Dogs Finest Salmon

Skin irritation and inflammation can often be caused by circulating chemicals in the body known as series-1 eicosanoids. These compounds are by-products from the body’s metabolism of omega 6 fatty acids, which are found in vegetable oils and chicken fat. A surplus of these omega 6 fats causes an increase in these eicosanoids in the blood, which puts the body in a “state of alert”, causing it to overreact to small disturbances caused by the diet. Omega 3 can counteract the effects of omega 6 putting the body back into balance by producing anti-inflammatory series-3 & 5 eicosanoids.

Omega 6, from chicken and vegetable oil is extremely cost effective, so many standard commercial diets have a high ratio of omega 6 content. Feeding a high-quality fish-based food or supplementing with a small quantity of pure fish oil, is the most effective way of achieving the correct ratio.

Fish4Dogs Salmon Finest Complete Food is a premium, highly palatable, natural, and nutritionally balanced food made from just nine simple ingredients. It’s grain-free, healthy, and made with no animal proteins, often responsible for causing intolerances in some dogs. (ii)

Nine Simple Ingredients

Another helpful benefit of fish is that fish oils hydrate the skin. Fish oils promote the production of sebum, an oily waxy substance that can help lubricate. With increased levels of sebum, the skin becomes supple and hydrated to give a little extra relief to any skin complaint. The dog’s hair is coated with a protective oily layer, giving the coat a beautiful shine.

And it also tastes great!

Aside from all the wonderful health benefits of fish for our dogs, the strong aromas and tastes in salmon, particularly the Umami taste, give a welcome relief to dogs from more bland alternatives.

With this in mind, we developed our popular Finest Salmon Mousse, perfect as a topper at mealtime for fussy eaters, or served on its own as a treat. Its palatability and thick texture also mean it’s great to use in interactive feeding toys for enrichment.

salmon filled kong toy for dog enrichment

Our salmon bites from our training range are also perfect for keeping your dog entertained. 100% Salmon, these are small, cube-shaped treats with a strong aroma and delicious taste. Great for rewarding attention and response during training. Your dog will be tantalised by the natural aroma and keen to learn, leading to more effective training.

So, who would have thought? Feeding high-quality, minimal ingredients food and treats, with no fillers or potentially reactive ingredients can help support a dogs’ health and development, and even minimise vet bills. ‘Dog food’ for thought in these challenging economic times.

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