Our Breeder Ambassadors know just how hard it can be not only to raise puppies in this dreary winter weather, but also how difficult it can be to show them off to their new potential owners. Fortunately, they’ve provided us with some top tips to share with you on how you can survive the winter blues and make the most of the time with your puppies.

  1. Winter Weather With PuppiesTima Lund of Folkvang Dogs tell us to “make the most of the space you’ve got. You may need to shuffle some furniture round but those puppies will only be with you for 8 weeks so it will be worth it in the long run! Grab something to cover carpets like a piece of lino and build yourself an indoor play pen. Soft play type furniture works really well for developing puppies balance and strength”.
  2. “While wet and cold weather may limit outdoor play, there’s still plenty of activities to keep your puppies engaged indoors” says Rebecca Walters of Northnewydd Sproodles, “feeding puppies from snuffle mats, scatter feeding and food based brain games are all great ways to keep them busy”.

  3. “Ensure that your puppy viewing area is clean, warm and that your momma dog can come and go as she pleases. Keep cleaning supplies to hand so you can clean up any accidents as you go and have your puppy packs and paperwork ready so that you can go through everything you need to without having to move from area to area too much”.

  4. “Crate, car and grooming training are all activities that can be done in the dry too!”

  5. “Just accept the mess! Having puppies indoors 24 hours a day if the weather is awful really does make the mess feel more intense but as Tima said, they are only with us for such a short time so just accept that some days will feel messier and noisier than others and try your best to enjoy every minute”.