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At Fish4Dogs, we use fish to make a range of natural food and treats for dogs. 

Fish is a fantastic food and by giving your dog a fish-rich food you can ensure they get all the protein, Omega 3 and vitamins they need for a healthy diet. There are so many other benefits to feeding your dog fish, take a look at why fish is so good for your dog.

Fish4Dogs Complete Food

Fish4Dogs FinestFish4Dogs Finest Range 

Our Finest range is the original Fish4Dogs recipe, simple, wholesome and tasty food made from fish, potato and pea.

Available in three flavours, Salmon, Ocean White Fish and Cornish Sardine, our Finest range is comes in small bite and regular bite kibble sizes and we also offer a toy breed and puppy variety too.

Take a look at our Finest range of complete foods today.


Fish4Dogs Working DogFish4Dogs Working Dog Food

Our Working Dog food range is the same recipe as our Finest range but by using different packaging we can offer better value and as this is a working dog product, is it VAT free.

See our range of food for your working dog here


Fish4Dogs Superior RangeFish4Dogs Superior Range

Our Superior range of complete foods are enhanced with a select few marine nutritional supplements, meaning your dog can enjoy the tasty flavours of the sea whilst benefiting from an extra boost of Omega 3, iron and minerals.

Superior food comes in adult and puppy sizes and we also sell a senior dog/weight control variety that has lower protein levels and a lower fat content meaning it is more suited for older dogs and overweight dogs. 

Take a look at our Superior range.


fish4Dogs Wet Food and MousseFish4Dogs Wet Food and Mousse 

Our complete wet food comes in two flavours, herring and mackerel and do not contain any artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. While it is a complete food and can be fed on it's own, but it can also make a tasty topper for dry food!

Our mousse also comes in two flavours, salmon and trout, and while it isn't a complete food, it again makes a lovely addition to any of our dry complete foods. 

Take a look at our mousse range and wet food range today. 


Fish4Dogs Treats 


Fish4Dogs Sea JerkyFish4Dogs Sea Jerky 

Our Sea Jerky range has been voted "Best Treat" by the readers of Your Dog magazine for five years running.

Made from 100% baked fish skins, these treats aren't just tasty, they are healthy too! With no additional ingredients, they are low-calorie and due to their rough texture help to clean your dog's teeth by removing tartar.

Sea Jerky comes in six varieties and so depending on the size and preference of your dog, you will find the perfect jerky for you.

See all our Sea Jerky varieties here. 


Fish4Dogs Salmon OilFish4Dogs Salmon Oil

Voted as "Best Health Product" by the readers of Your Dog magazine, our Salmon Oil is made from the finest Norweign Salmon and provides high levels of EPA and DHA which can help hydrate your dogs skin, reduce irritation, aid joint mobility and maintain a beautifully glossy coat. 

Find our range of Salmon Oil For Dogs here


Fish4Dogs Treats

From Calamari Rings and Sea Wraps to Mackerel Morsels and Fishauges, you are sure to find a few goodies that your dog will just love!

Some are great for training and others are a real, luxurious delight.

Take a look at our range of treats today.


100% fish skins.  Approx. 3cm in size
100g bag - £3.75
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