Fish4Dogs US.

 Who Are We?

Fish4Dogs US is a company of pet lovers and owners who care deeply about the wellbeing & health of pets. We are not a huge ...corporation – just a close-knit group of individuals with a shared set of values and goals. We believe in being open, honest and transparent in the way that we do business.

Fish4Dogs products are 100% fish and seafood only based with no meat or poultry ever in any of our products. We make food using a few select high quality ingredients – every one of which has a vital role to play in giving your dog a high quality, healthy natural food.

Our Range.

Fish4Dogs Complete Foods Superior Recipes.

The Superior Range of Foods are enhanced with a select few marine nutritional supplements.  All Fish4Dogs Superior Recipes are enhanced with Krill meal, “a super-food of the sea” – a superior form of Omega-3; green-lipped mussels, a natural source of Glucosamine; seaweed meal, that supports digestive health; and, coconut oil, supporting the metabolism.

Superior Adult Salmon - a salmon, sweet potato and pea complete dinner for adult dogs of all breeds,

Superior Salmon Puppy - A salmon, sweet potato complete dinner for puppies. With 28% protein level to support the puppy's growth and development.

Superior Adult Freshwater Fusion - Made with trout and catfish with sweet potato and pea. A complete dinner for adult dogs of all breeds.



Fish4Dogs Treats.

Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky brand treats are healthy, low-calorie fish dog treats made from 100% baked fish skins. The rough texture is great for removing tartar from dog’s teeth and provide extra vitamins and nutrients.

Fish4Dogs Variety brand treats include sea wraps – delicious wraps are sweet potato wrapped 100% cod fish skins, and Norwegian freeze-dried treats – made from 100% Norwegian white fish.

Fish4Dogs Squid Bites and Calamari Rings are made from oven-baked squid, a highly digestible protein.


Contact Us.

If you would like any further information about Fish4Dogs US range food and treats, please contact us:

Telephone: 1-888-752-3939



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