What is a Regular Saver

Do you always leave ordering your dog’s favourite food until the last minute?

Do you often have to make do with an unhealthy treat grabbed in an emergency because you’ve run out of Sea Jerky?

Well no more!

Set up your Regular Saver order once, and every time you need it, your order will be delivery automatically to your door.

Plus, as well as saving you time and ensuring empty bowls are a thing of the past, setting up a Regular Saver order will also mean you save money with each and every order. 


How to set up your Regular Saver:  

  1. Choose from the eligible products in our Regular Saver store
  2. Select your delivery frequency and submit your order
  3. Before each delivery, we will send you a reminder email that will detail your order
  4. You can amend your order up until 09:30 am on the day it is due to be processed
  5. When your order is processed, you will receive a confirmation email
  6. You can skip your next delivery if you are on holiday
  7. And you can cancel your order at any time 


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