Subscription Treat Box

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Subscription Treat Box
Subscription Treat Box

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5th February 2023
Billing Max Cycle: Continues until your subscription is cancelled or your card expires.
Discount Amount: 10%

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Please note, contents changes monthly

Our Subscription Treat Box gives you the opportunity to try a selection of our treats each month.

Each box contains five different bags of treats, one from each of our sub-ranges:

  • Dental (Sea Jerky),
  • Love (Apple Fish Wraps, Banana Fish Wraps, Sweet Potato Fish Wraps, Calamari Rings, Salmon Cookies, Squid Bites),
  • Support + (Joint Health Salmon Morsels, Skin & Coat Macerel Morsels, Digestion White Fish Morsels)
  • Training (Super Stars, Freeze Dried, Salmon Bites),
  • plus an extra randomly selected bag.

The subscription box gives you a great opportunity to save, not only is it cheaper than buying all the treats individually, but you automatically get an extra 10% off with your subscription discount!

The contents of the box will change monthly and so you will receive a different selection of treats each month.

Subscribe today and find out what treats are in store for you this month!

The contents of the Subscription Treat Box changes each month. Feeding guidelines are available on all treat packaging, alternatively, you can see the guidelines on the individual product pages. View our full treats range here.