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Do you always leave ordering your dog’s favourite food until the last minute? Do you often have to make do with an unhealthy treats grabbed in an emergency because you’ve run out of Sea Jerky?

Then we have the perfect solution for you!

Set up your Fish4Dogs Subscribe & Save order once, and every time you need it, your order will be delivery automatically to your door.

Plus, as well as saving you time and effort, setting up a Fish4Dogs subscribe & Save order will also mean you save 10% on each and every order.

How to subscribe:

  1. Browse through our Subscribe & Save products in our online shop
  2. On each product page you can choose how often you want that product.
  3. Benefit from your exclusive 10% subscription discount and checkout as normal
  4. Then sit back and relax and wait for your orders to be automatically delivered to you

Subscribe today, and not only will your dog’s bowl always be full, but you can be assured you’ll always get the best price for your products*!



Subscribe & Save FAQs

What happens after I have created my subscription?

Once you have created your subscription you will receive an order confirmation email (as normal) and a subscription confirmation email, that will detail your chosen frequency and let you know when your next order will be placed.

3 days before your next order is place, we will send you a reminder email, just to let you know we are getting ready to process it.

On the day your subscription is due, you’ll receive an email confirming your order has been placed.


Can I edit my subscription?

Yes. By visiting the website and logging in, you will be able to manage your subscription and make any changes, skip, pause or cancel your subscription.

Making changes:

You can edit your subscription at any time, up until midnight the day before your next order is due to be placed.

By logging into your account, opening the relevant subscription and selecting ‘Edit’, you can change the quantity of a product, the frequency it’s delivered, your next order date, your payment card and your delivery or billing address.


You can skip your next subscription order by logging into your account, opening the relevant subscription and selecting ‘Skip’. Before you confirm you wish to skip, we will let you know the date of the next order so you can be sure you still want to skip.


You can pause your subscription at any time by logging into your account, opening the relevant subscription and selecting ‘Pause’. By doing so, it will stop all future orders until you are ready to resume your subscription. Once resumed, the original schedule dates will be fulfilled.


You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account, opening the relevant subscription and selecting ‘Cancel’.


What products can I order in my subscription?

Currently, just the products in the Subscribe & Save Products section of the website are available to subscribe to. 

Your basket can contain a mixture of both subscription and one-off purchase products.


How often should I set my subscription for?

Our handy feeding guide and cost calculator is available on each product page (scroll down to the bottom and select the "Feeding Guide" tab). Depending on your dog's age and weight, it will show you how long a big bag of food would typically last your dog.

Use this as a basis for how often you set your subscription.

For the Treats subscription box, the contents will change each month. You can set your interval to whatever you would like but, if you would like different treats in each box, set your subscription to every 4 weeks.


Do I get the Catch of the Week discounts?

Yes. If a product that is in your Subscribe & Save order is on offer at the point your order is due, you will pay the promotional price minus your 10% subscription discount. However, if the offer ends before your order is due, you will pay the full RRP minus your Subscribe & Save discount.

Please note, the Treats Subscription Box does not qualify for Catch of the Week discounts.


Do I get bulk discount on my subscription order?

When you create your subscription, if your basket totals over £100 you will receive the bulk discount. From then on though, your order won’t qualify for a bulk discount but you will always get your 10% Subscribe & Save discount.  


What payment methods can I use for subscriptions?

At the moment, all subscription orders must use a card payment option. PayPal is not available for subscription items.


How will payment be taken for my automated orders?

When you set up your subscription and the payment is processed for your first order, you are agreeing to be charged using those card details for the subscription products you have selected, at the interval you have chosen until such a time you wish to cancel. Due to promotions the price of the product may vary from order to order, but the most you will ever pay is the standard RRP minus your 10% subscription discount.


What happens if my bank card expires?

Unfortunately, there is no way to update your card details on your subscription. If your card expires, you will need to cancel your existing subscription and set up another one with your new card details.


When will my subscription orders be delivered?

We aim to despatch Subscribe & Save orders within 3 to 5 working day from order date. All subscription orders are delivered using our normal delivery service and should arrive within the standard timeframe stated on the website at the point the order is placed.


What happens if a product is out of stock?

We strive to keep all subscription products in stock to ensure we can meet your schedule. However, if a product you are subscribed to is out of stock when your next order is due, you will receive a notification that your order has failed due to a lack of stock. The system will try and place your order again the next day. If we have stock, your order will be placed. If we are still out of stock, your order will fail again and you will be notified. We will try a maximum of five times to place your order.

We will contact you via email should this happen and explain what your options are.



If you have any other questions about Subscribe & Save, our friendly customer service will be happy to help. Give them a call on 01299 252 352 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm or email us at [email protected].


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