A Little Too Friendly

Posted on November 10, 2018

Dog chillingDo you want to your dog to behave well in front of your visitors? Jackie Murphy G.Dip ABM/A.Dip CBM/MISAP (beh)/MEST (QTLS)/TCBTS/ABTC Registers for Accredited Animal Behaviourist and Animal Trainer Instructor explains how this is possible!

This is a very embarrassing one for owner, but from a dog’s perspective, is perfectly normal! Dogs live in a world of scent we simply cannot appreciate and this is how they find out about the word around them. Where better place to start than with your visitors?

Pulling a dog away and / or shouting only adds to the excitement. In such situations, it is always better to forget about the unwanted behaviour and think about what you want your dog to do instead. If you know visitors are arriving, prepare a nice Kong or other interactive treat. Pack it tightly with different layers of favourite treats, such as salmon paste, chicken, liver cake etc. Squash it all in so it is jam packed and a challenge to empty. Give it to your dog before letting visitors in and introduce a cue such as ‘settle’. After a little practice, your dog will learn this is how to behave when visitors are present. The focus on emptying the toy is also mentally tiring and reduces a dog’s desire to sniff to such an extent once the toy is empty. Use lots of praise when the dog is settled.

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