Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Posted on June 22, 2018

Friday 22nd June is National Bring Your Dog To Work Day and here at Fish4Dogs, we know what that is like oh too well.

For a staff of around 40, our colleagues rack up an impressive 30 dogs between us and with a dogs in the office policy, for us, every day is bring your dog to work day.

Fish4Dogs Bring Your Dog To Work Day 

Dogs are our brand and a big part of our lives, so we truly believe in the benefits of having dogs in the office.

De-stress with a canine cuddle

Canine cuddles help de-stressHaving dogs in the office can help reduce stress levels throughout the working day.

Studies have shown that petting a dog for just 15 minutes releases the feel-good hormone serotonin, and lowers the stress hormone cortisol, so having a pooch on hand can be a real stress-buster.

Positive work environment

A less-stressful environment makes for a happier one. The presence of dogs can often lead to a friendlier, more sociable atmosphere and can also help to facilitate interactions between colleagues who may not have done so without animal incentives.

We bring our dogs in everydayKnow who is in charge

Whilst there are many benefits, an office overrun with dogs can also be a noisy, chaotic scene and so ensuring rules are in place is key.

Here at Fish4Dogs, we have a dog policy where the expectations of both you as the owner and your beloved pet are clearly outlined.

Our guidelines include everything from ensuring your dog is toilet-trained to keeping some areas dog-free and from respecting territory to feeding and treats.

Speaking of treats...

Treat your dog with Fish4DogsThe old idiom of a child in a sweet shop very much applies here, (but swap the child for a dog and gummy bears for Sea Jerky). 

As well as all the human benefits the office dog policy brings, the dogs love it too!

They get to spend their days with their best friends, they get fussed by our colleagues and visitors and they have access to healthy, tasty treats and even get to taste-test some new and exciting offerings.

Keep in mind

It is often not practical or safe for dogs to be in the workplace and other important factors need to be taken into consideration such as health and safety aspects, allergies, building restrictions. and even phobias.

But while we are aware that our situation is quite unique, and a lot of dog-owners can only dream of bringing their dog to work, it is encouraging to see that more and more workplaces are following our paw-steps.  


Take a look below at some of our dogs working hard at Fish4Dogs HQ.

 Henry at Fish4DogsAmber at Fish4Dogs Zac at Fish4Dogs Rodney at Fish4Dogs  Lexi at Fish4Dogs Barney at Fish4Dogs Rolo at Fish4Dogs Dillon at Fish4Dogs

Sadie at Fish4Dogs 

Bob and Maud at Fish4Dogs 

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