Coping With Fussy Eaters

Posted on May 23, 2016

Is your dog a picky eater? – first ask yourself

=    Are they picky or just not hungry – if your dog is maintaining weight; has a healthy coat and loads of energy then they are getting the food they need –  so stop worrying.

=    Are you feeding too many treats – treats are great but in moderation. 

=    Were they eating just fine and then stopped – it may indicate a problem and perhaps a vet visit is in order 

Tempting picky eaters to eat - What sort of foods do dogs like

=   The smellier the better:  With their super dog sense of smell the aroma of foods is important – go for smellier foods like fish.

=    Dogs don’t like bland foods.  Think about the vile things your dog will try to eat when out and about.   Dogs seem to like stronger tastes and aromas so avoid highly processed meat meals or lots of cereals – may be too bland for their taste.

If you feed dry food try adding a bit of warn water – this will enhance the aroma. 


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