Dog Friendly Holidays

Posted on August 30, 2018

Jackie Murphy G.Dip ABM/A.Dip CBM/MISAP (beh)/MEST (QTLS)/TCBTS/ABTC Registers for Accredited Animal Behaviourist and Animal Trainer Instructor gives us her tips on types of dog friendly holidays and what to watch out for with each one.

Being on holiday can be a great time with your dog. Recent polls indicate while we love holidays we all miss the constant companion of our dogs. So why not look at the different places to take your pet with you.

Dog friendly beach holidaysCanal boating holidays

Make sure you have an extra lead (as some may break), depending how long you are going to on the riverways (short trip or long holidays) then life jackets may need to be hired, do not allow your dog to worry ducks or other river birds as this could cause a problem with dogs jumping in the river. 

Beach holidays

Extra leads are useful here, either long leads for your dog to explore (even a swim), but you still have control of your dog, a good recall, extra water so that your dog does not drink the sea water, towels and some favourite toys/balls for fetch.  

Dog friendly woodland holidaysWoodland holidays

Staying in one of the UK’s national parks can be exciting for dogs as they will come across many different wildlife, from squirrels to rabbits and perhaps deer it is important to be vigilant when walking and have control over your dog. There will be lots of new scents to sniff out for your dog and enjoy.  

Camping (tent/campervan/caravan/motorhome)

Having a section that you can enclose around your area may be useful to keep your dog in a secure area. Make sure that you supervise your dog when it is outside your camping facility to avoid chewed leads/escape artists. Extra bowls for water inside and outside can be helpful too.  

Holidays in Europe and beyond

Nowadays we are not restricted to have holidays with our pets in the UK. If you are thinking about taking your pet abroad with you then speak to your vet as regards different vaccinations and pet passports.  

While you are away, you may come across different animal species from ducks, geese, cattle, sheep, free roaming ponies. Make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and think safety with your dog, if you are not sure then keep them on lead at all times throughout your holiday.


Whatever holiday you choose Specialist Dog Training hope you have a truly wonderful time with your dog.  



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