Grooming Time

Posted on November 24, 2018

The festive season is just around the corner and your dog is ready to be groomed, but is this process a little hard? Does your dog enjoy being groomed Groomed dogor do they find it uncomfortable? Here's what Jackie Murphy G.Dip ABM/A.Dip CBM/MISAP (beh)/MEST (QTLS)/TCBTS/ABTC Registers for Accredited Animal Behaviourist and Animal Trainer Instructor has to say.

Grooming can actually be quite a distressing time for some dogs. They may be uncomfortable with close handling generally and having all those tatty knots pulled out might just plain hurt!

In these types of situations, a dog may growl because it is uncomfortable and / or frightened and the dog simply wants the situation to stop. However, ‘nice’ or sociable the dog, there is a risk of a bite if a dog is growling. It is essential that a dog is not ‘made’ to be brushed / clipped. This will only make the behaviour worse and the dog may react by snapping or biting.

There are many positive and safe ways to teach a dog to be comfortable being groomed and handled, but it requires professional support and advice with practical demonstrations. It is important to get a professional evaluation and plan by contacting your local member of the Canine Behaviour & Training Society. The Society has Accredited Animal Behaviourists and Animal Behaviour Technicians registered with 2 dogs groomedthe Animal Behaviour and Training Council. This provides reassurance that you will get knowledgeable and professional help.

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