Heartwarming Stories - Guiver

Posted on February 21, 2018

Guiver found a new home with JimAfter being found as a stray, Guiver came into WARs and was very thin and looked a little worse for wear. 

After a checkup from the vet, he was estimated to be about 16 years old, he was given some vaccinations, and medication to help settle his thyroid levels as it was discovered he had an overactive thyroid.

Guiver was an old cat with health issues, and he came to WARS during kitten season, we wondered if he would find a new home.

Thankfully, along came a lovely man called Jim!

Jim is a big supporter of WARS and a massive cat lover and as soon as he saw Guiver, he fell for him and gave him a new home and a new name, Grandad. 

Grandad settled in quickly, getting his paws firmly under the table within days. Jim paid to have Grandads thyroid removed and soon he was a putting on weight and living a very happy life with his new family.

Sadly, 4 months after finding his forever home Grandad passed away due to kidney failure, however, finding a old cat an amazing, happy home for the last few months of his life, was very heartwarming to us all.

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