Jo signs up with The Cinnamon Trust

Posted on January 5, 2018

After discovering the Cinnamon Trust through a friend of a friend last year, I subscribed to their Facebook page.

I love the fact that there is an army of people out there, ready to spring in to action to help give pet owners that piece of mind that their pet is being looked after. I was scrolling through Facebook one evening and saw a plea: Can anyone walk Sadie? Well, she was local, and as I have a Sadie myself, I thought: Yes! Yes I can! 

I replied to the Facebook post and then emailed the following morning. The response was lovely and very efficient. 

I was a little overwhelmed by the formality of it all - the paperwork, the photo; it all seemed very officious and then I thought, that's got to be a good thing hasn't it? These animals are the beloved pets of owners who want the best for them and can't do it themselves. I know I wouldn't hand my dog out to just anyone! 

After completing the forms, the process was fast and thorough. References were sought and suddenly, my Welcome Pack was here (right). 

I have been asked to walk a Springer Spaniel, who is described as a lively 14-year-old - show me a Springer that doesn't think it's still a puppy! I'm just waiting for all of the details, so I'll let you know how I found my first official outing as a Cinnamon Trust volunteer.


To find out more and join The Cinnamon Trust, visit their website. 

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