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Posted on April 4, 2016

Welcome to the Fish4Dogs Puppy Club, at Fish4Dogs we make a range of natural foods and treats for dogs from fish.

Fish is rich in marine sourced Omega 3 and a high quality easily digestible protein - great for coats, skin and joints and with a taste dogs adore.


Why feed fish?

A good protein should be easily digestible so that your puppy's body can break it down to get at the goodness. As fish has a high proportion of muscle tissue and a low proportion of fat and connective tissue making it easily digestible. Fish muscle is made up of short-length fibres making it easy for your puppy's body to break down the fish. Fish is low in sugars and saturated fat.


The main function of carbohydrates in a diet are to provide energy. As carbohydrates are broken down by your puppy's body, they are converted into glucose (blood sugar) which is then either used or stored as energy. Fish4Dogs foods use potato and pea as the carbohydrate sources - two forms of carbohydrate with very low levels of sensitivity. Fish4Dogs foods use peas, which have a low GI and potatoes which have a high GI giving a balanced GI Food.


Fats provide the most concentrated source of energy in foods, delivering twice as much energy per gram as protein and carbohydrate. Fats in the diet also act as carriers for fat soluble vitamins and help enhance palatability. Fish provide the richest source of Omega 3 fats a wonderful nutrient associated with reduced levels of heart disease, closely involved in brain and eye development in puppies and in improved immune system functioning. In dogs the anti inflammatory effects of Omega 3 make it particularly beneficial for coat and skin condition and maintaining joint mobility.


Sign up to the Fish4Dogs Puppy Club for FREE and receive a permanently lower price on Fish4Puppies Complete Puppy Food, Fish4Puppies Superior Puppy Food Complete - Regular Bite, Sea Jerky Tiddlers and Sea Biscuit Tiddlers.

Simply select 'Fish4Dogs Account with free Puppy Club Membership' when you set up your Fish4Dogs online account. Or if you are an existing account holder and have a new puppy, you can join the Puppy Club in your Account section.

Give your new puppy the best start in life. At Fish4Dogs we believe that a heatly, happy puppy starts from the inside out; because your growing puppy needs more protein, Fish4Puppies complete food contains a higher proportion of fish to get your puppy off on the right paw.

•   High Levels of Quality Protein – for bone and joint development
•   Omega 3 - for brain & eye development                                                       
•   Rich in Calcium and Phosphorous – for bone & teeth development
•   Tasty Training Treats – to help training

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