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Posted on April 11, 2016

...Wow it’s here April woohoooo!

It’s also the month that micro chipping dogs becomes law. It’s a really great thing though and will help reunite stray, lost or stolen dogs with their owners so much quicker. Sometimes when a dog goes missing the owner has to pay the dog warden, has kennel costs and expensive unplanned bills and this will save so much of that. Lots of vets, animal shelters and charities have really got behind the new law and have been offering free micro chipping.  Dog owners who have not had their pets chipped could face fines of up to £500 so if you haven’t yet done this get down to your vets today! Fish4Dogs range of sea jerky treats are a fantastic reward for any well behaved dog at the vets, made from baked fish skins the rough texture is great for removing tartar from dogs teeth, and keeping them clean too.


My dog Missy is actually back on lead walks due to her running off again; she has been fantastic at recall for the last 8 months and I have been so proud of her BUT its baby rabbit season over the fields and she’s a sucker for a chase! The problem is once she has run off she panics and carries on running because she cannot see us, luckily she was micro chipped before we even got her so we just had to change the details over so I know if she is picked up we will get her back. Unfortunately it doesn’t cure the rabbit chasing so she won’t be on the loose for a while! We will try to utilise the Fish4Dogs superstar training treats to improve her recall while we're out walking.


Mr Patch has been having some special training to help with his nerves. Last month he was bitten by a dog off lead whilst he was on his lead and it really has scared him so he hasn’t been reacting great when he sees a dog he doesn’t know especially if they are off the lead. We are introducing him to as many dogs as possible to gradually rebuild his confidence and hopefully stop him from reacting to them. A well behaved Mr Patch has been rewarded with his favourite Fish4Dogs Mackerel Morsel treats.


Having dogs is not an easy job but when they are part of your family they are worth every penny and every single minute you put in as they always give you so much more in return! Which is why I feed my dogs Fish4Dogs, a tasty food made from just fish with no additives or preservatives, so I know my dogs are receiving the very best diet, the Omega 3 contained in the fish oils has done wonders for Missy and Patch's coat, skin and their joints, plus they absolutely love the taste.


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