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Posted on May 9, 2016

This month I am sending my blog from Portugal whilst I am competing at the IPC European Championships! So far I have managed a Silver medal in the S14 200m freestyle and a Silver in the 100m backstroke. I have two more races left to compete in and then on the 16th May I will find out if I have done enough to represent Great Britain at the Rio Paralympic Games this September……It’s very exciting but also very scary!


It’s a beautiful country here and I am actually on the island of Madeira……I have already made myself a friend, it never takes me long!  He is a stunning stray dog who waits for me in the mornings after breakfast amd walks to the bus stop with me.  He is stunning and so well behaved, I would love to bring him home with me but unfortunately I couldn’t afford to or even know how to do it! The problem with me is I love them all so much I’d like to bring all the stray dogs home!!


I have starting giving my dogs two teaspoons of Fish4Dogs salmon oil a day. This helps with any skin problems, helps to give them a lovely glossy coat & because it contains omega 3 it is really good for their joints. As an athlete I understand how important it is to look after yourself on the inside and I myself actually take omega 3 capsules to support my diet. My dogs love it I put it on their biscuits, but to be fair if they had the chance they would lick it off the spoon, I certainly wouldn’t do that! You can see from the pictures below how shinny Miss Missy and Mr Patches coats are. 


You can also see how beautifully white their teeth are, they have Fish4dogs sea jerky chews as a treat and these work the same way as the popular dentists sticks but contain no sugar or additives so they are totally natural and healthy. Whilst the dogs are chewing their way through them they are scrapping away any tartar or build-up of rubbish on their teeth. You cannot beat a big pearly white happy smile. 


Anyway its back to the pool for me, enjoy the sunshine everyone and see you all next month.

Jess x 

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