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Posted on July 22, 2016

Hi Everyone and welcome to my July DogBlog

So summer has finally arrived at last as I spent most of last month in Wellington boots but the last few days I have managed to get back into the garden!The dogs have had a wonderful time charging through the extra long grass that we haven't be able to cut because of the rain so although it looks very untidy the dogs have enjoyed it!

They absolutely love the sunshine, Mr Patch is well known for sitting still in the sun catching a few rays......he does tend to make people chuckle!

This month it's time for a change in the treat department and wow Miss Missy and Mr Patch have been sent some sophisticated fine dining treats or as I call it 'PoshNosh' to try!


What can I say they both loved them, Missy preferred the Calamari rings these are slightly bigger, chewier and have quite a strong smell......Miss Missy loves smells and can sniff out a foxes poo miles away, so these are perfect for her haha! Mr Patch a gentle giant and far more delicate preferred the squid bites which are softer, smaller and less smelly! Both treats are rich in Omega 3 so are brilliant for skin care, healthy coat's and joint care. They are a real luxury in the treat department! 


In my May blog I talked about what beautiful teeth Miss Missy and Mr Patch have and how they enjoy their Sea jerky treats, well I am so pleased I shared this with you since then Fish4Dogs have received lots of reviews on their products and the teeth cleaning sea jerky has been rated so highly so please don't just believe me check out what everybody else has to say via this link

So for beautiful teeth & a healthy treat please give them a try!

For an unhealthy treat in the warm weather I cannot help but let my furbabies share the last of my ice cream and yes I know I'm an athlete but every ones allowed a treat once in a while :-)  


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, enjoy July and I will catch up with you all next month Jess xx 

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