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Posted on March 7, 2016

Welcome to my March Dog Blog

Yippee finally the mornings are getting lighter and the evenings are lighter for longer; it’s so much easier to walk now that I can see where I am going and I don’t have to carry a torch along with poo bags, treats, a tennis ball and the dog leads too it can be quite a juggling act!


There are also many more people about when it’s lighter; people jogging, people walking to work and even more dog walkers. My dogs love to run free and are in a lovely condition but as an elite athlete I know how important health is and that it begins on the inside before it shines on the outside. 

I eat a very healthy diet but I still allow myself treats in moderation.  If I have too many treats my skin doesn’t look as good or my weight and training will suffer. Dogs are just like us and if they don’t have a healthy diet they can have weight, teeth, skin and stomach problems too. There’s a saying that ‘we are what we eat’ and you can always tell which dogs are happy and heathy. 


Good food can provide so many benefits and save a lot of long term problems along with expensive vet bills! I chose Fish4Dogs for my dogs because there are so many health benefits with the choices available and even the treats are heathy! You can use a nice groomer and a posh shampoo to get a shiny glossy coat but its far better that the coat is naturally glossy & that comes from within; consuming fish oils are perfect for this.


Some dogs will eat anything & to be fair I’m not too fussy either but it’s all about the ingredients & the more natural the better. Even when preparing my own pre training snacks my Missy dog is a little terror & will hang around until she gets a slice of carrot! Her favourite fresh snacks are melon, carrot, blueberries & raspberries which in the summer are also great for hydration.

Enjoy the spring, be happy & healthy & I will see you all in April

Jess x 

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