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Posted on June 10, 2016

Hi Everyone and welcome to my June DogBlog.

Unfortunately in East Anglia it’s definitely not been a flaming June more like a freezing June with all the wind and rain we have had but it’s a nice temperature for dog walking so I’m not complaining, although I am hoping for a bit of sunshine!

This month I can happily announce that I have officially been selected for the Rio Paralympic Games….so when you think the training has finally paid off it’s time to get stuck in and start all over again to try my best to improve ready for Rio in September.


It’s a bit like training Missy really, just when I think I’ve got her trained she’ll run off at million miles per hour and chase the rabbits. Once she’s lost focus on me, that’s it, I struggle to get her back! So it’s back to working from the start again to reinforce everything we have already done. My latest trick is using Fish4Dogs superstar training treats, so far (fingers crossed) we are doing ok.


You can get these along with a great drawstring pouch from their website. The drawstring is so handy because I do tend to lose lots of treats once the bags are left open but now it’s easy to keep them tucked away. The pouch also has a belt clip for your convenience but I attach mine to my shoulder bag which is great because when I have the two dogs, a torch in the winter and the occasional poo bag it’s rather awkward to be carrying another bag. A training pouch including treats is only £4.05 which I think is very good value and the pouch can be reused over and over again. They are defiantly worth a try because my dogs love the flavour of these salmon oil infused treats and keep coming back for more. They are ideal for training any age, any breed or any size as these are also a small treat so they won’t have a big impact on a dog that is weight watching either. 


It’s back to training in the pool for me and on the fields for Missy and Patch. I hope you all have a wonderful June and I will catch up with you all in a hopefully sunnier July.  

Jess x 

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