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Posted on January 20, 2016

I love my January morning walks in the crisp fresh air and lots of new faces around the parks who have decided to start the new year off with early morning walks and jogging (it usually only lasts a few weeks…..they need to get a dog it makes it a permanent job then haha!)

Now my dogs are very different and they couldn’t be more different when it comes to water, mud and rain. Below is Miss Missy who loves the rain, swimming and most of all getting dirty in muddy puddles but recently she took on more than she should of done and was sick for a couple of days.

She liked the look of a slimey, muddy dyke and had swallowed some of it so was vomiting with an upset tummy several hours later. I fed her boiled rice with half a pouch of Fish4Dogs finest salmon/trout mousse to give it a nice flavour for two days and now she back to normal again…..I don’t think she’ll ever learn, the smell of a stinky dirty pond, a rotting rabbit or fox poo is far too irresistible for her but I have learned that the best thing to remove a smell from her fur is tomato sauce!!  A good wash with that and it strips away any rotten smell. 


So Mr Patch doesn’t like getting his feet wet, will walk around puddles and will dig he his heels in so he doesn’t have to go out in the rain. He has a lovely rain coat but for him that just isn’t enough!


Mr Patch is disgusted in his fur sister when he has to sit near her on the journey home and she is stinking the car out. So much so he has been known to try to climb over the seats to get in the back and leave her in the boot on her own!

Once home and clean they love nothing more than snuggling up for a nice snooze after their well-earned breakfast.

Good luck with your fresh January mornings and I wish you all a healthy & happy new year! 

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