Private Time

Posted on November 17, 2018

Dogs and their private timeContinuing the blogs with different behaviours from dogs, Jackie Murphy G.Dip ABM/A.Dip CBM/MISAP (beh)/MEST (QTLS)/TCBTS/ABTC Registers for Accredited Animal Behaviourist and Animal Trainer Instructor is back again with more helpful tips. 

As owners, we like our dogs to follow us about. It’s makes us feel loved and we enjoy the company. In some cases however, the behaviour can become problematic and the dog develops behaviour that means it cannot cope when the owner is not around.

In this case, far more would need to be understood about the dog’s behaviour before advice could be provided. What happens for example, if the way is blocked and he is unable to follow the owner to the toilet? If he starts to bark and / or gets distressed, this is a very different situation to a dog who is just looking for something to do.

It is very likely that this case requires professional support and advice. It is important to get a professional evaluation and plan by contacting your local member of the Canine Behaviour & Training Society. The Society has Accredited Animal Behaviourists and Animal Behaviour Technicians registered with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council. This provides reassurance that you will get knowledgeable and professional help.

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