Finding the right breed for you

Posted on March 19, 2018

Dexter the cocker spanielTrying to find the right breed of dog for us was actually a lot harder than we originally thought. Everyone we spoke to had an opinion on a breed they preferred but its ultimately just down to personal preference.

The best advice we were given was that a dog is there to fit in around humans, not for humans to live their lives around a dog. We knew a dog would change our lives but didn’t want it to dictate our lives. Luckily, we had quite a few friends with different breeds and we did quite a bit of research trying to condense the list.

Jodie and Ben found Cocker Spaniel was the right breed for themWe soon eliminated large dog breeds, very small dog breeds and “designer” breeds and decided to look closer at medium size breeds. The one breed that we found suited us and our lifestyle the most was Cocker Spaniel.

They are sociable, intelligent, affectionate, have few health problems, love being outside and sometimes a little crazy!

Dexter fits in with Jodie's lifeWe found Cocker Spaniel puppies for sale on Social Media, on puppy selling websites, in local newspapers and through friends in farming circles. But this didn’t really help us finding the one puppy for us. All puppies are cute and you can’t take every puppy you see home, although we really wanted to.

We had a look at a couple of litters, but it ultimately came down to cost and colour, which is a shame but by pure luck we came across our Dexter.

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