Rolo's Story

Posted on June 1, 2019

Francesca Reece, our Customer Service and HR Manager shares her story about how Rolo came into her life, here's what she had to say:

Rolo in the parkSome of our friends breed a couple of litters a year on their farm. They told us that they had a new litter of Cavapoos and we instantly fell in love with their little faces. We went to see them and we decided to go with the fluffiest apricot and white Cavapoo. We came prepared with a cage to pop him in safely when we were travelling home but I ended up having him in my lap the whole way home.

As soon as we got home, we very quickly learnt that we needed to take him outside for a toilet break every half an hour or so. We purchased a big pack of puppy pads before we picked him up but we never used them as he was toilet trained very quickly.

Rolo’s first day in the office was a very big day for him. I brought his canvas car carrier into the office and that very quickly became his come in the office. Everybody couldn’t wait to give him a cuddle and lots of attention. Rolo adores our Sea Wraps Sweet Potato so much so he knows the words Sea Wraps. If you even mutter the word Sea Wraps, you instantly have Rolo’s attention. 

The naughtiest thing Rolo has ever done is chew through a laptop cable – luckily it wasn’t plugged into the wall.

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