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Posted on February 2, 2016

Hi Everyone & welcome to my February Dog Blog.

I can’t believe another month has gone by & here we are heading towards spring but how lovely I love spring & the evening dog walks are now staying lighter for longer!

So although it’s not warming up…in fact it’s colder than ever normally in February there are still pretty flowers starting to appear & I love to see the snow drops poking through the ground on a frosty morning.



There are a few things to be aware of in the ice & snow & they are the harmful de-icing products used to keep us humans safe from crashing & falling.  The salt that is used on roads, pathways & drives can lead to chemical burns if your dog’s paws are exposed to them for long periods of time so I try my best to walk in fields, parks & woods whilst the ground is frozen. Of course it’s not that easy for everyone but there are little boots available for dogs & no matter how silly they look you’ll know your dog is protected, you can also wash your fur babies feet when you return home & this will prevent them from ingesting any poison when sucking their paws. I also take a few extra treats along with me to keep them happy & warm, I find the Fish4Dogs mackerel morsels easiest to get out of my pocket with my woolly gloves on & my dogs love the!

At this time of year my favourite part of a cold, runny nosed frosty walk is returning home to our log burner & I am certainly not the only one because if I’m not on the floor in front of it I’m not likely to get a look in haha! 


There are lots of special days this month including an extra day for leap year.

Enjoy February, stay safe in the frost & I look forward to catching up with you next month!

Jess x

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