What You Need To Know About Feeding Your Puppy

Posted on April 15, 2016

At Fish4Dogs we make a range of natural foods and treats for dogs from fish. Fish is rich in marine sourced Omega 3 and a high quality easily digestible protein - great for coats, skin and joints and with a taste dogs adore.

When to change from puppy to adult food?

It depends on the size of breeds – small breeds maturing much faster.  However make the change as they approach their adult height


What is the difference between puppy food and adult food?

Puppy food provides higher protein and fat, as well as more calories and different requirements for vitamins and minerals particularly calcium and phosphorous. 



What to look for in puppy food?

Look for high quality protein and lots of it: Good, balanced proteins such as fish are essential.  These are the building blocks that create muscle and enzymes in the blood and liver and ensure healthy development of senses, such as sight and hearing. 



Omega 3 is important: The brain is around 60% fat and 30% DHA Omega 3 fats and the retina is 50% DHA Omega 3. A good source of Omega 3 is always important but never more so than during the critical growth stages. It is the EPA and DHA Omega 3 from marine sources that the body needs for brain and eye development. 


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