Why The First UKFL Championship Made Me Cry

Posted on August 8, 2018

Our Head of Marketing, Jo Little expresses her reaction when she attended the Flyball League event which will make you smile for sure. Here’s what she had to say:

Let’s face it, I’d watched Flyball before on TV and been amazed at the speed and agility of the dogs and the enthusiasm of the owners, but until Fish4Dogs were approached to sponsor the first UK Flyball League Championship at Lincolnshire Showground, I’d never really got close to this wonderful sport and the dogs and owners involved.

For those new to Flyball League, like myself, the first thing that hits you is the diversity - every breed and genre of dog is present.

Supremely athletic whippets who are feather light and lightning fast.

Ultra-focused collies whose eyes are fixed on the prize. 

Working dogs trained to work in professions like security and search, putting their energies into fast sprints and impressive recalls. 

But the dogs that made me cry were the ones I’d never expected to see at a Championships. The rescue dogs, who after terrible starts, have loving owners that are purchasing the best of food to overcome digestive issues from poor feeding, skin and coat problems and a host of psychological problems and then introduce them to this wonderfully social sport – these dogs, scared and scarred are racing to fetch their ball and enjoying every minute and the cross-breeds, whose origins keep you guessing and hairy-eyebrows make you laugh, taking it as seriously as they can but for whom the race element is often quite lost in the fun of the whole event. 

And shouting their encouragement for every dog are the owners. Young, old, athletic and the not so athletic owners – all with boundless energy and passion cheer every dog out and back with exhausting enthusiasm and shower them with love – whether they’ve fetched the ball or not. 

I’m an emotional, super-fan and yes, #UKFLrocks.


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