Your Dog Could be a Lifesaver

Posted on October 4, 2018

Pet Blood Bank who we work with closely tells us one of the best ways for your dog to be a real hero! 

Did you know that dogs can give blood just like humans? And just like people, sick and injured animals frequently need blood transfusions to save their lives.

At Pet Blood Bank, we need healthy dogs to come forward and register as blood donors to help save their canine friends. Last year, we sent out over 5,000 blood products for poorly dogs and demand continues to grow, which is why we’re looking for more dogs to join our lifesaving community. Every unit of donated blood can help save the lives of up to four other dogs.

We run donation sessions across the country where dog owners kindly bring along their canine companions to give blood. The donation itself only takes around 5-7 minutes but the dog also gets a full health check and time for a rest, some water and treats afterwards, as well as a Fish 4 Dogs goodie bag to take home!

It is vital that all our donors are healthy as the welfare of both our donor dogs and any blood recipients is paramount. Just like the human blood service, there are certain criteria that our donors need to meet before they can donate.

In addition to being fit and healthy, to become a blood donor, your dog must be:

•Between one and eight years old

•Weigh more than 25kg

•Have a good temperament

•Have never travelled abroad


•Not on any medication


To find out more about how your dog can become a lifesaver, please visit

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