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At Fish4Dogs we are proud of everything that goes into our food.

We make food using a few select high-quality ingredients – every one of which has a vital role to play in giving your dog a high quality, healthy natural food.

  • A single source protein from fish – high quality easily digestible protein rich in Omega 3.
  • Oils and fats – high quality single source oils from fish oils
  • Vitamins and minerals – ensuring fully balanced and complete foods
  • Carbohydrates – we use potato and pea.  Low sensitivity carbohydrate with a balanced glycaemic index
  • Beet pulp – a source of fibre, binding foods so aiding passage through the gut

What we leave out matters just as much as what we put in. We have not used, and will never use, some of the unhealthy and, in our view unnecessary ingredients used by a number of leading brands.

  • Grain Free: Our foods do not use grains – we prefer the better, but more expensive, carbohydrates,  potato and pea
  • No artificial preservatives: We use mixed natural tocopherols and rosemary
  • No added sugars: Some dog foods add quantities of sugar to make their foods more palatable – we don’t, it's unhealthy and fish is already very palatable.
  • No fillers: Some foods bulk out with fillers giving little nutritional value- we don’t – every ingredient in our foods is there for a good reason
  • No colourings

Fish is rich in Omega 3

Contains Omega-3

Omega-3 is what is called an essential fatty acid and its main effect is as an anti-inflammatory helping with coat condition, skin condition, mobility and cardiac health.

Find out more about Omega-3 and why it is important for dog health.


Fish skin is great for cleaning teeth

Dental Care

Chewing is a great way to promote healthy teeth and gums. Treats like our Sea Jerky, are a perfect way to encourage your dog to chew and the rough texture helps remove tartar.

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Fish is easy to digest

Digestive Aid

The easier digestibility of fish protein reduces the growth of unwanted gut bacteria and is a help for dogs with sensitive tummies and older dogs with slower digestive systems.

See how fish is kind to your dogs tummies.


Fish4Dogs is grainfree dog food

Grain Free Recipe

Sensitivity to wheat and other grains is commonplace with modern dogs, so we use potato and pea as the carbohydrate in our food.

Find out more about our grain free food and treats.


Fish is great for braina and eye development

Puppy Development

The combination of minerals, vitamins, protein, fibre and Omega-3 in fish create a perfectly balanced food that gives puppies everything they need for strong and healthy development.

Read how fish can be a critical part of puppy development.


Fish is great for skin and coat condition

Skin & Coat Support

A fish diet can help reduce inflamed skin and increase skin hydration which not only leads to good skin health but also promotes great coat condition.

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Fish rich diet helps with joint mobility

Supports Joint Health

Omega-3 can help reduce joint inflammation and cartilage breakdown resulting in better joint mobility.

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Dogs find fish very tasty

Tasty for dogs

With a strong smell and flavour, dogs find fish a welcome and tasty alternative to most bland pet foods.

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Fish is a great food to feed when conerned about weight

Weight Control

We offer not only low calorie treats but also a weight control complete food that has lower fat and protein content making it a great choice for any dog that requires a more tightly controlled diet.

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