Skin & Coat development

Skin & Coat Condition

The high levels of Omega 3 in fish can help improve some skin and coat conditions that dogs experience through:

Reducing inflammation 

Many dog skin conditions are caused by inflammation. EPA & DHA Omega 3s found in Fish4Dogs food and treats are naturally anti-inflammatory, helping improve the condition of the skin by reducing irritation and improving the condition of the coat too.

Hydrating the skin

Fish oils promote the production of sebum, an oily waxy substance that lubricates. With increased levels of sebum, the skin becomes supple and hydrated and the hair is coated with a protective oily layer, giving the coat a beautiful shine. This is something we hear from our customers all the time, they are amazed that within just a few weeks of feeding Fish4Dogs, their dogs coats have noticeably improved, look healthy, shiny and wonderful.

Low levels of intolerance

One of the common causes of skin conditions in dogs are allergies or sensitivities to foods. Wheat and beef are the most common intolerances, with others being pork, chicken, milk and maize. Fish4Dogs is made from ingredients that don’t cause these problems. In Fish4Dogs we use potato and pea as the carbohydrate – and all of these have very low levels of intolerance. 

Feeding fish can improve skin and coat condition 

For more information about improving your dogs coat condition, take a look at our nutritional blog which goes into more scientific detail, highlights warning signs to look out for and offers tips to help your dogs coat look its best. 


The benefits of feeding fish:

Fish4Dogs is grain free Fish is rich in Omega 3 Fish aids brain and eye development Fish helps joint mobility Dogs love the taste of fish Fish4Dogs is great for weight controlled diets Fish4Dogs is easily digestible Fish improves skin and coat condition

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