Fish is rich in Omega 3Contains Omega 3 

Omega 3's main effect is as an anti-inflammatory, helping with coat condition, skin condition, mobility and cardiac health.

Getting the right balance 

Not all Omega 3 is the same. It is the DHA and EPA forms – found mainly from marine sources, which are beneficial.

The ALA form of Omega 3 found in vegetable sources such as Flaxseed oil or Linseed oil must first be converted to EPA & DHA for it to benefit, and dogs lack the enzymes to do that efficiently; so marine sourced Omega 3 is what they need. 

You also need to consider the ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. We need both Omega 6 and Omega 3 but in the correct proportions. To put it, in not particularly scientific terms, the Omega 6 excites the system and Omega 3 calms it back down – so we need the right balance. 

Omega 6 is easily found in seeds, nuts and vegetables, so ensuring your dog has a good supply of marine sourced Omega 3 in their diet to help provide that balance in key.

Benefits for skin & coat

Most coat and skin conditions, whatever their cause, involve inflammation of the skin, so reducing that inflammation helps alleviate the symptoms for your dog.  

Improve joint mobility 

By reducing inflammation Omega 3 can help with mobility making tired, stiff and aching joints more supple.

Brain development 

Omega 3 is also highly concentrated in the brain and appears to be important for brain function, memory and behaviour in dogs.

Fish4Dogs is high in Omega 3 

For more information about Omega 3 and canine nutrition, take a look at our nutritional blog which goes into more scientific detail about different sources of Omega 3 and the many benefits of an balanced Omega-rich diet.

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The benefits of feeding fish:

Fish4Dogs is grain free Fish is rich in Omega 3 Fish aids brain and eye development Fish helps joint mobility Dogs love the taste of fish Fish4Dogs is great for weight controlled diets Fish4Dogs is easily digestible Fish improves skin and coat condition

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