Dogs love the taste of fishPalatability

A question we are often asked is "do dogs like the taste of fish?".

The answer is a resounding YES.

Why do dogs love the taste and smell of fish so much?

Despite having significantly fewer taste buds than humans, dogs have a highly developed sense of taste which allows them to quickly tell what they like and dislike. The highly developed sense of smell that dogs enjoy works together with the taste buds to build that sense of taste.

The stronger aromas and tastes, particularly the Umami taste, found in fish give a welcome relief to more bland alternatives. That’s why dogs love Fish4Dogs - it has a taste and aroma they love. 

Dogs love the strong taste of fish 

For more information about why even the pickiest of dogs love the taste and smell of fish, take a look at our nutritional blog.


The benefits of feeding fish:

Fish4Dogs is grain free Fish is rich in Omega 3 Fish aids brain and eye development Fish helps joint mobility Dogs love the taste of fish Fish4Dogs is great for weight controlled diets Fish4Dogs is easily digestible Fish improves skin and coat condition

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