Fish4Dogs is perfect for growing puppiesBrain Cognition

Fish4Puppies is the perfect start for your new best friend. As it grows, your puppy is going through many significant changes, including:

  • Bone and joint development
  • Brain & eye development
  • Development of the digestive system

Feeding Fish4Dogs can help give your puppy the best start due to: 


Protein is the key building block of life. Every cell in the body contains protein; they are a major part of muscle, skin, organs and glands. There are two reasons why fish is the perfect protein for a growing pup. 

Firstly, fish provides a great balance of the essential amino acids. Imbalances can require organs such as the liver and kidneys to work harder to excrete any unnecessary acids, but with fish, the ratio is so well balanced there is often very little that needs to be excreted.

Secondly, a good protein should be easily digestible so the body an break it down to get at the goodness. Fish is very easily digested and so the body can quickly and efficiently break it down to absorb the benefits.  

Omega 3

The high levels of Omega 3 found in Fish4Puppies can aid development.  The DHA in Omega 3 found in Fish4Dogs:

  • is key in the operation of brain cell membranes
  • helps to form the tissue that converts light to energy

There is growing evidence of the role of Omega 3 in brain and eye development and in particular the DPA which is found only in marine sourced Omega 3.

Rich in Calcium and Phosphorous

Calcium and Phosphorous are important for healthy bones and teeth. The mineral balance (particularly Ca & P) in fish is ideally suited to bone growth & development and is very well absorbed from the diet.


As well as foods you need to consider treats for your puppy – there’s a lot of learning for them to do and nothing helps learn like a good, tasty reward.  Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky is a delicious treat with the added advantages of being low in calories and helps keep teeth clean.  Made from nothing more than baked fish skins you can be sure there are no hidden nasties in these.

For more information about puppy development, take a look at our nutritional blog which goes into more scientific detail, and identifies what puppies need to help them grow and develop.

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The benefits of feeding fish:

Fish4Dogs is grain free Fish is rich in Omega 3 Fish aids brain and eye development Fish helps joint mobility Dogs love the taste of fish Fish4Dogs is great for weight controlled diets Fish4Dogs is easily digestible Fish improves skin and coat condition

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