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Around 40% of dogs in the UK are suffering from obesity.

Obesity is an important issue and can lead to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and other mobility problems. 

We all like to treat our dogs, and there is nothing wrong with that.  But we do have to take care that their overall calorie consumption, including treats, isn’t more than they need. 

Low Calorie Treats

We offer a great range of treats that are low in calories, particularly our Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky. 

Our Sea Jerky treats are 100% baked fish skins and have as few as 3 calories per treat!

Weight Control Food 

The calorie levels of most Fish4Dogs foods are average, however, we do offer a complete food that has lower protein and fat levels making it a great option for a weight control diet. 

We like to promote sensible feeding and please remember our feeding guidelines are a guide, and how much food your dogs needs will vary depending on factors including their breed, activity level and age.

For more information about puppy development, take a look at our nutritional blog which goes into more scientific detail.

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The benefits of feeding fish:

Fish4Dogs is grain free Fish is rich in Omega 3 Fish aids brain and eye development Fish helps joint mobility Dogs love the taste of fish Fish4Dogs is great for weight controlled diets Fish4Dogs is easily digestible Fish improves skin and coat condition

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