Fish4Dogs and Fish4Cats Samples

We're certain your pets will love the taste of Fish4Dogs and Fish4Cats. But if you'd like to make sure before you make an order, we have samples available for your dog or cat to try.

All samples are 50p each, just to cover postage costs.  

Fish4Dogs treat and food samples 

Sea Jerky SampleSea Jerky Samples

Your dog will love our Sea Jerky. Made from 100% baked fish skins, these treats will not only taste great but also help keep your dog's teeth clean.

Whilst you can buy Sea Jerky in six different shapes, our sample packs are always Sea Jerky Tiddlers. This means any size dog can try our crunchy and tasty low calorie treats. 

Grab your Sea Jerky sample today. 

Finest Food SampleFish4Dogs Finest/Working Dog Food Samples 

You can order a sample of our complete food to taste-test with your dog. The formulas for our Finest and Working Dog ranges are identical, and so the one sample works for both.

We stock samples of all flavours, sardine, salmon and ocean white fish, they are available in small bite and regular bite sizes, and both adult and puppy varieties too, meaning whatever size, shape or preference, your dog can try everything!

All complete food samples are 75g and cost just 50p, to cover postage.  

Grab your complete food sample today. 

Superior Food SampleFish4Dogs Superior Dog Food Samples 

Our Superior range caters for puppies, adults, senior dogs and overweight dogs too, meaning whatever size your dog is, we have a suitable complete food for them to try! 

All complete food samples are 75g and cost just 50p, to cover postage.  

Grab your Superior sample today.  


Fish4Cats food samples 

Your cat will love our Fish4Cats kibble, available in salmon, mackerel and sardine flavours, grab your sample today and give your cat a taste of Fish4Cats.

Order your Fish4Cat samples today. 

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