We all know eating a balanced dinner of low-fat protein, vegetables and carbohydrates helps to keep us healthy and active for longer, but sometimes ‘healthy’ can feel plain and boring so we look for recipes with sauces and extras to jazz things up a little. The same can be said when feeding our pets. 

A diet of Fish4Dogs® Finest Dry Complete food is a tasty, balanced meal that provides your dog with everything they need to be healthy, plus a coating of omega 3 rich salmon oil, beneficial for coat, skin and joint condition.

However, many dog owners admit they like the convenience of a complete dry food, but still like to add a little something to create interest and moisture to their dog’s meal. Often in the form of processed meat, leftovers and other human foods that can contain high levels of salt, unexpected calories, and other ingredients not suitable for a dog’s diet.

Instead, why not try a tasty topper from Fish4Dogs’ extensive range of complementary wet food to liven up mealtimes, with fish as the only animal protein, made from grain free recipes and containing no added artificial colours or flavours? Simply by slightly reducing the dry complete food accordingly, you can be assured your dog is maintaining a healthy lifestyle with no hidden extras, whilst benefiting from added omega 3 in their diet, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, helping with coat and skin condition, mobility and cardiac health.

With 12 different complementary flavours and textures, full or mouth-watering fishy goodness and delicious chunky vegetables, your dog will be spoilt for choice!

Finest mousse

Finest Mousse

Finest mousse comes in 3 flavours – salmon, trout and a lower calorie cod light variety.

A good source of omega 3, salmon and trout varieties are made from 99% fish, gently steam cooked and whipped into an airy texture. With a waterier consistency, the cod mousse variety is made with 99% cod and just 63 calories per pouch, less than half the calories of the other flavours, perfect for weight control.  The Finest mousse range comes in individual 100g pouches for freshness.

‘My 11 month old Working Cocker had started ignoring his breakfast. He used to eat his food so fast we had to buy him a slow feed bowl. I add just 1/4 - 1/3 of a pack of this to his dry breakfast and he absolutely loves it’ – Laurie (verified buyer)

finest flakes

Finest Flakes

Also is 100g pouches, each Finest flakes recipe is made using a combination of two tasty fish or seafood varieties served in a broth.  Choose from Mackerel Flakes with Squid, Tuna Flakes with Anchovy or White Fish and Salmon.

This product is exactly as it looks in the picture … our dogs absolutely love it, an amazing complement to the dry kibble, dishes clean every time. Maria (verified buyer)

As with all Fish4Dogs products, Finest Fish Flakes are formulated without any chicken, beef, pork, or lamb, perfect for dogs with intolerances to certain proteins. 

Finest complementary wet food

Finest wet complementary tins

The latest edition to the Fish4Dogs complementary wet range are six delicious, canned recipes, incorporating highly nutritional vegetables such as pumpkin, carrot, spinach, sweet potato and green beans to a variety of tasty fish.

I think if I had to choose which was my dog’s favourite I'd choose this one … when you open the tin you can see there's no rubbish in there just literally what's listed in the ingredients. – Kay B (verified buyer)

For more details on Fish4Dogs complementary wet products or to buy online, click here.